Lead singer @ Vlog Bar, Phuket

August 2022 — January 2023

Worked as a lead singer at Vlog Bar in Phuket, performing with both folk and full bands. Responsible for set-lists, live performances, and engaging with the crowd for an enjoyable musical experience.

Owner, operator @ Dearsea.Bikini Online Shop, Phuket

January 2020 — January 2022

Launched and managed an online store, Dearsea.Bikini, specializing in swimwear. Handled day-to-day operations, website management, order fulfillment, customer service, and liaised with suppliers and factories.

Lead singer @ Hillary Group, Bangkok

Febuary 2019 — May 2020

Led the main band at Hillary Group's venues on Sukhumvit Rd. Shared the stage with another house band, curated set-lists, and managed performances to ensure enjoyable evenings for the audience.

Lead singer @ Piano Forte Exclusive Club, Bangkok

January 2018 — January 2019

Returned to Piano Forte Exclusive Club after a break following a recording project. Reassumed the role of lead singer, focusing on live performances, set-list preparation, and crowd interaction.

Vocal instructor @ KPN Academy, Bangkok

January 2016 — January 2017

Taught singing at KPN Academy, catering to students aged 5 to 25 with varying levels of experience. Developed lesson plans, selected appropriate songs, and guided students in their vocal journeys.

Signed artist @ R.S. Promotion Public Company Limited, Bangkok

November 2015 — November 2017

Experienced being a signed artist under Thailand's renowned R.S. Promotion Public Company Limited. Recorded a single that became a theme song for a popular soap opera. Collaborated with industry professionals, including directors, producers, managers, and fellow artists.

Lead singer @ The Pent Exclusive Club, Bangkok

Febuary 2015 — May 2016

Continued as a lead singer at The Pent Exclusive Club, a sister establishment of The Piano. Led the band through three sets per night, handled set-list preparation, and managed audience engagement, including addressing intoxicated patrons.

Lead singer @ The Piano Exclusive Club, Bangkok

January 2014 — January 2015

Held the role of lead singer at The Piano Exclusive Club, a well-known bar in Bangkok's Ekkamai area. Performed nightly with the resident band, curated set-lists, and managed the crowd to create an enjoyable music experience.


Bachelor of Arts (Western Music), Chandrakasem Rajabhat University (Bangkok)

2009 — 2017

My academic journey led me to Chandrakasem Rajabhat University, where I pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Western Music. During these formative years, I delved into the intricacies of music theory, composition, and performance techniques.

The program not only deepened my understanding of the art but also provided me with invaluable opportunities to apply my skills in real-world settings. Throughout my studies, I consistently applied my academic learnings to my passion for singing, enhancing my performances and musical interpretations. This academic foundation has been instrumental in shaping my approach to music and live performances, allowing me to connect with audiences on a profound level.

My university years weren't just about the classroom; they were a pivotal period where I refined my vocal techniques and further nurtured my love for music. This comprehensive education has enriched my artistic perspective and continues to influence my musical endeavors to this day.

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